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A Canadian point of view.

There was a post about writing Black characters which I found interesting. Being Canadian, I write from a Canadian point of view. In my Seeing series, I have a black main character, Eric. I have Black friends, Native friends, East Indian friends, Philippine friends. We don't walk on eggshells around each other, we are equal. We don't put barriers around cultures, we share them, celebrate them. I'm not saying racism doesn't exist in Canada because it sure does, but we have a different mindset and tend to be more open and accepting of those around us.

There are many things happening in the US that absolutely confound us (and yes, scare us too). For example, did Canadian Starbucks employees need sensitivity training? No. Why? Because we don't treat each other like the enemy.

And being Canadian, I apologise if my mini-rant offends anyone.

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