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Two year plan.

I've been thinking hard over the last few weeks about my future. The next couple of years actually.

Originally, I had planned to attend GRL (Gay Romantic Literature Conference) this year because I missed Denver in 2017. But things are changing for me. Rudy will be coming out in hard copy soon. Yippee! And the rights to Web of Secrets and Seeing is Believing will revert back to me in May with the closing of Loose-id. My options were to give the wonderful people of MLR those two titles or self publish them. All they would need are new covers since they'd already been edited. I could also add a couple of short stories to them to spice them up. If I self pubbed them, I could have hard copies immediately, basically do what I wanted with them. Maybe audio books too?

So, back to GRL. If I save my monies and skip GRL for this year, I would go to the Calgary Entertainment Expo in 2019. They are huge and attract visitors from across Canada and the northern US thereby broadening my exposure, especially with three titles in hard copy available for signing and purchase. One of my goals is to build this genre in Canada, make it as popular here as it is elsewhere.

This would springboard me into Pride and finally GRL. I discussed this plan with my friends who think it's a good idea, so I'm going to go ahead with it. I apologise to anyone I promised I would see in Portsmouth but this long term plan is necessary.

Thanks for listening to/reading my rambles. Love you all.

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