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"Awesome read" 5/5 -


"Have tissues handy" - 5/5 - Facebook


"Love the new twist on a ghost story." - 4.5/5 Goodreads


"Best yet. Couldn't put it down" - Facebook

Seeing is Believing
Seeing Book 1

As the only witness to the murder of a police detective Max Cooke never thought the dead detective’s ghost would appear at the foot of his bed two days later. Not only does Max have to deal with the often ridiculous fallout of being bonded to a ghost, he ends up falling in love with the dead man haunting him.


 Instead of wings and a harp Detective Nick Horvath ends up with a writer of romance stories, a sweet lonely man who brings out all his protective instincts.


When the murderer comes for looking for Max, Nick has to find a way to stop him. But if Nick succeeds, he may be forced to leave the man he loves.  If he fails, Max could become the killer’s next victim.



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