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A year after meeting, Jackson Frost felt the warmth of Raphael Cardona and Christian Anderson’s love, and he knew his love for them was just as strong.


Trusting in his men, Christian takes a leap of faith and tells them his shocking secret. A secret that would change everything.


Unbeknownst to them, someone with a hidden agenda watched as Christian nervously shared his carefully guarded past. Someone Christian never thought would hurt him.

He was wrong.

Then Raphael mysteriously disappears while on a dangerous mission, leaving Jackson with a cryptic message.

A message that only Clay can unravel. In response to the threat, Clay assembles a team of ex-military and hackers to rescue Raphael and Christian. Rudy’s special talent becomes the key to saving Christian despite Clay’s objections. He doesn’t trust Jackson with Rudy’s safety after Jackson’s treachery years before.

With Raphael missing, they still manage to locate Christian. Jackson and Rudy attempt a rescue with the rest of the team backing them up. The two men are stunned by the enormity of the betrayal Christian has suffered.

Amidst more revelations and threats, Jackson realizes that he and the others may be in way over their heads. With his men and Rudy in danger, he has to be fearless and resolute to get them out of the disaster they found themselves in.

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